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a project

So, for a project I am working on, we are considering the implementation of "holiday themes" for days worth celebrating. However, the usual big 12 (Txgiving, Xmas, Passover, etc) are not going to be on the list. I am looking for legitimate, yet obscure things to celebrate - something that speaks to your inner...whatever lives in your middles (geek, jock, beauty queen, you've all seen the ffin breakfast club, shit!).

My contribution to the data build:
October 22, 1938 - First electrostatic copy machine invented by Chester Carlson. This device later led to the popular innovations in print reproduction, which allowed for the upsurge in computerized printing in the early late 60's/early 70's.

EDIT! I screwed the pooch go to : - Lowes Orpheum for tickets!

Yeah, i know namfle, I suck because I am going uptown, and you are going downtown, but I have both weschester peeps and sleepyhead fiancees to contend with =)

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