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july has not been kind to the tech

"So there was hail, and fire mingled with the hail, very grievous, such as there was none like it in all the land of Egypt since it became a nation. " - Ex 9:24 [KJV]

I got up this morning to a clicky noise in my computer room. Clicky noises are never good. Server was still up, so was my pc - so maybe it was a fan clicky, which are bad, but not horrible.

A little poking around - no fans, hard drive, server, bad.

Open server - MP3's.


I have some backed up. I have about 18 gig on my hand held (which also broke earlier this month, along with my xbox). I have a couple cd's, and even a directory stashed away. I have a whole gob of about 2000 unsorted mp3's.

I have no solid backup of the main store - 188 gig - 16399 mp3s - buhbye.

Everything, My Waits b-sides, my rare and obscure finds, by live comedy bootlegs, my orchestral recordings from the turn of the last century, the small collection of duped recorded Itallian castratii operettas, my techno covers, my jazz covers, my collection of russian folk music...


Why? Because I have been procrastinating for months on a decent backup system. I kept pushing the envelope to try and save 20$ where, 50$ there. Now I have to waste money on this shit when I don't have it to waste.

I feel like I lost a big chunk of my soul. For being frugal. I hate it.

Gonna send the drive back and start rebuilding. This time, it will be more structured, more plotted. However, it will also take longer, and be less connective.

At least I have a file list to work from - that is the ONLY reason I am not sobbing - I can rebuild from my library index, eventually.

Sadness is the predominant mood for today.

Hope everyone else's hump day is better.

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