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so let it be written...

Poll #332094 Holy Queez Batman - Random Shit!

What famous mountain is located in Tanganyika?

What is the world's rarest gemstone?

What well known children's author also won a Grammy composing for Johnny Cash?

The necktie was first worn in what country (hence one of it's names)?

What is the only word in the English language that ends in the letters "mt"?

What famous detective sidekick was initially named Ormond Sacker by his creator, who named his one day world-famous detective Sherrinford Holmes?

What did Gennaro Lombardi open at 53 1/3 Spring Street, NY in 1905?

Name two of the three nations that are top producers of cork worldwide.

Name one of the five English words that contain the vowels "a e i o u" in that order, within the word.

What is the slang name for a tip or gratuity given by a gambler to a dealer or other employee at a casino?

The name of popular singer Robert Zimmerman was changed in honor of what Wales-born poet?

Who was on the cover of the first issue of "Rolling Stone" magazine?


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