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I had a very busy day yesterday, and today has been a peach too.

chellez mom was in town for a week, and we did much galavanting and sightseeing and eating of good food. She left around 4am thursday morning, and I didn't really get back to sleep after she left.

Last night, I met up with grimbil at Bryant Park to talk tech, life, and everything after. Before doing so, I had some coffee and a wonderful chat with mrshellion. As always the conversations were enthralling. Life is good to me right now, despite my stresses at work, and there is nothing like a good conversation with a friend to remind oneself of that.

I got home, only to rediscover something I knew deep back in the recesses of my memory - Windows XP doesn't support the Appletalk protocol.

Hooray for reformatting laptops!

I didn't have to do it, but I wanted my honey to have a quality install to be productive and kick ass at her new job. I didn't finish until ~ 2 this morning.

So, yeah, the word of the day: techlagged.

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