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I broke the little toe on my right foot, in two places. It is seriously swollen and throbbing at the moment. Motherfucking toes. I was just fucking walking, and ended up kicking the corner _exactly_ in the wrong place/way.

I managed to get all my shit done for pre-cook this weekend. I am going to a friend's place in MA, and making a turkey, rosemary potatoes, salad, and some stuffed peppers for the veggies. Stuffing was made last week and frozen, gravy and stuffed peppers were made tonight. I was going to cut and pre-mix the potatoes, but I figure that won't take too much the day of.

Before I go, I need to:

  • get peppers/gravy out of freezer

  • get charger/book before i leave

  • print directions on phone

  • buy booze/mixers and some snack shit

  • make sure my ride has his shit together

Should be there sometime around midnight, I hope.

Richelle decided not to go. As of now, I'm not moving, she is. If I move out, the lease will prolly fall over like a house of cards. So I stay, maybe roommate in my future, maybe not. I have no fucking idea.

My foot hurts.

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