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Weekends and Nutshells

I had a fantastic weekend, which was a much-needed break from my current life circumstances and their multiple stressful complexities. There is something about getting to somewhere far removed, yet familiar, that is totally and completely disconnected from your reality that is really soothing. unrepentant, and you requested, pics here. It was a great time for all.

My ex-roomate from college, and longtime friend was nice enough to drive r/t. As I mentioned before we left, we ended up with a minivan instead of a subcompact. Overall, this was not a bad thing, since we enjoyed the space, and it handled very well.

Friday night the Yankees beat the Sox. We got in a little after 10, and I had a few drinks after unpacking. Everyone was pretty tired, and after some good chillin, everyone bopped off to bed, while I sat up and read. I made it until around 4am, then turned in. I woke up with the sun, and took some pictures. I then went for a swim. The water was a pleasant low 60's, compared to the air temperature in the low 50's.

Everyone started stirring a bit later, and we had some bagels and talked and laughed, then started a game of Trivial Pursuit. There are few games I love more in life, and with a group of intelligent people bent on having a good time, there are few things more wholly enjoyable. My personal strategy in the game is to always go for the Orange section first, since it is the hardest for me to get. Sports questions are the bane of my trivia. Sure enough, it took me almost half the game to get it, but things picked up fast after that. Once more people showed up, we split into two teams. Our team was the first to finish (it was me and 3x girls) and, of course, when we hit the middle, we got an Orange question. I had, by that point, already started preparing the food for later, and was only half listening to it. I was called out for double checking.

For the first time in my life, I won a game of Trivial Pursuit on the first try off the center on an orange question.

The question?

"What does RPG stand for, amongst groups familiar with the game Dungeons and Dragons?"

No shit - two decades of TP karma back in one awesome moment of bliss.

Saturday night, the Red Sox won. We listened the the game on the radio. I made one of the best roast turkeys of my culinary career, accompanied with some good gravy, stuffing, and rosemary potatoes. Noone touched the salad much, and the native vegetarian loved the peppers I made for him. I got high compliments on this turkey, the best of which was someone telling me that they normally hated turkey, and liked what they ate.

Stayed up 'till the wee hours of Sunday morning, then went to bed. Woke with the sun again, and hung out down on the dock until we decided it was morning enough to start cooking. I was a sous chef to the master bacon styling of my friend Steve, and we collaborated very nicely. We decided if we ever wanted to kill a bunch of people with good food, he and I would definitely have to team up.

We drove back later that afternoon, stopping near the main rotary before the Bourne Bridge to watch some of the Red Sox Game. It was truly difficult being 50 miles from the NEAREST Yankees fan, but I wore my hat with pride, even though we took another whuppin.

It is now Thursday. I have had a rather hair-graying week, and am only now finishing off this post. That makes me kind of sad. I had a wonderful time - I wish life had more times like that than what I seem to spend most of my time on.

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