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what incredible irony...(that's brian boitano)

On my way back from lunch today, walking with an unnamed rosy thunder lizard, I was blabbing about life. The park is in it's last week of color, and for the first time, I caught the scent of dead leaves on the air. I love autumn next to as much as I love winter.

Anyway, one of the things I was flapping about was irony, and how, despite the fact that I am a fairly pessimistic, irascible sonofabitch, I somehow tend to entertain people, and/or cheer them up. My walking partner in particular.

To this, I was told:
"Well, sometimes it just makes me feel better knowing my life isn't as bad as yours is."

This struck me as funny. Partially because, well, honestly, my life isn't so bad, partially because, it is true. I bitch a lot sometimes, but I haven't totally lost big picture status.

I think maybe part of my problem, sometimes, is getting to overwhelmed by big picture status. I just gotta keep on keepin on, I will break surface again eventually.

Must write, must write,must write,must write,must write....

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