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a brief update

OMG WTF everyone needs one. In fact, I might just give this to everyone as a universal xmas present. Thank you Jeff Rowland, for making my holiday shopping so simple.

I have about another 2000 words of Nano done, on floppy, and not uploaded, so I won't upload my counter again.

I think I am working about every goddamn day this week.

I have decided that anyone who can afford to apply to medical school should be shot if they try to scam the school, which strictly says "NO REFUNDS ON ANY APPLICATION FEES" by contesting the charges with their CC company.

Scope out grimbil's mad foosball skilz here, really, it is worth the d/l. He is my new "sports" hero.

I heard rumors about a thing on Wednesday, possibly involving copious amounts of seared meat? Anyone? Anyone? (Bro Jimmy's White Trash Wednesdays?)

I'm off to the mothership for now - catch everyone when the fucking moon comes back around again.

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