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answers - round one

not naming any names, so anyone might know this stuff,

go ask more, if you want, or, y'know, ask, if you haven't.

I am 6'3".

I am old enough to remember the electric company, dana scully's first incarnation on "math man" shorts, and the muppet show being on tv. i am also young enough to have only been able to see two of the star wars on the silver screen (first time around).

What I would consider to be my biggest childhood trauma is something I don't talk about. Really, I don't. Less than one hand knows, and none of it family. You wanna follow up? Ask me in person.

I do not have a favorite color. I tend towards reds and black, but have sudden swings into indigo, emerald, and saffron.

On average, I masturbate .0000178 times a week, considering i gave it a shot once, (literally and figuratively) then decided that it was not to my taste. sex, to me, is like food. masturbation? it's like muchos. not really food, not really plastic.

not really worth my time.

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