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more answers

Ask more, if you wanna know more.
no names, to protect the wicked curious

Describe to me your ideal woman.
Toughie. I don't have "a type", nor do I have a particular "look" I go for. I have physical _prefrences_ but i don't put those above the package deal, so to speak. Attraction is only one part physical, and that part always fades with time. I need to be with someone who laughs, someone smart, and someone who wants to be with me as much as I want to be with them. I need to be with someone who can be honest with me, thick or thin.

Are you straight? Gay? Bi?
Bi curious? I dunno, I tend to skip labels on sexuality, as I think they are more an artificial construct than a reality. I think everyone is a sexual being. I've had experiences on the +/+ combo,and they were not fun, mostly because they were not of my choosing. While I don't know that the hardware is quite wired that way (for a lot of reasons), I can definteily see getting into an intimate relationship with a guy emotionally, but it would have to be a pretty fucking picturesque situation in a lot of other courts for that to be a possibility.

But the whole not liking dicks thing - yeah, I guess that makes me more straight than not, but there are definitely some beautiful guys out there.

Make my life simpler. What do you want for giftmas. Don't tell me "nothing", either.
Peace on Earth and Good Will Towards Men. (And no, you don't work for the US gov't, so you can't say you don't do that sort of thing)

How serious of a writer are you?
What a fucking toughie that is. Lots of ways to take this one. Am I serious when I write? Yes. Do I want to be "a writer"? Yes, with a but. I love words, their beauty of nuance, their multiplicity of being. Personally though, I would have rather been the guy who held the talking stick and told stories in the dark of night to keep people captivated. I love the POWER of words, and, to that end, I try to be a wordsmith when I am attempting to give birth to a story inside me for others to partake in.

As a way to pay the bills? THat kinda writer? I dunno, probably not that serious. As a storyteller? Deadly serious.

what is your single greatest fear?
Going blind. That is probably the only condition under which I would off myself. Maybe.

what is the nicest thing anyone has ever said about you to you?
Someone once told me "You saved my life with those damn insight defibulators you always carry around." I am no savant. I am no genius. I do try to challenge people around me, often, on lots of levels. Part of that is prying under the hood sometimes. I guess the fact that I did that, and walked away having made a change in someone for the better, in a marked, firsthand realization made me feel pretty damn good.

If you had one skill in which you were the best at in the world, or one of the best, what would it be and why?
I would want to be the best at the esoteric talent of "being able to use the powers of my mind like a Jedi".

Seriously? I wish I were a good musician. I am a passable vocalist, but I do not have the inspiration for instruments. I have the capacity for music, but the creative spark which infuses so much of my life doesn't extend to that part of my psyche. That is why I listen to so much music, remix other people's music, and love love love the enduring pieces that have walked across time with us. I mean, you can say what you want about great writers, thinkers, warriors - the guy or gal who came up with the notes to "row row row your boat" is way more immortal than any of us will ever be. and in a good way. the way you are supposed to be immortal.

but yeah, powers of the mind.

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