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it is pretty early for stupidoclock

A snippet after a brief discussion concerning the propensities which many monkeys show towards the flinging of poo:

[22:30] me: POOPFLINGERS
[22:30] me: AHAHAHAHA
[22:30] me: that
[22:30] me: is a xmas boutique gift item
[22:30] me: right there
[22:30] me: a turdbuchet
[22:31] murnkay: *breahte*
[22:31] murnkay: fuck
[22:31] me: i'm tellin ya
[22:33] me:
[22:33] me: right there
[22:33] me: repackage it
[22:33] me: and slap a "poop not included" label on it
[22:33] murnkay: bwahahahah
[22:34] me: i'm telling you
[22:34] me: this could work!
[22:34] murnkay: could!
[22:34] me: like those little rubber band guns
[22:34] me: with shit, instead of rubber bands
[22:34] murnkay: yup
[22:34] me: no chance of taking an eye out
[22:35] murnkay: lol
[22:35] me: unless your poop source is eating a lot of corn
[22:35] murnkay: dude
[22:35] murnkay: just
[22:35] murnkay: dude
[22:35] me: and
[22:35] me: this has an upwards market
[22:35] me: like, playskool? 9-99
[22:35] murnkay: hehehehehe
[22:35] me: poop flinger: gerbil to shetland pony
[22:36] me: i bet the k9-rangesmearer with be the best seller
[22:36] me: but the feline-fecaltosser may be a strong urban contender
[22:37] murnkay: I don't have words
[22:37] murnkay: I don't
[22:37] me: i hope that is a good thing
[22:37] murnkay: You win tonight man
[22:37] murnkay: I can not hope to compete with this

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