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anybody want a peanut?

So, the holidays are coming up.

As many of you may know, I have a lot of books.

I am liquidating my life.

You got anyone on your xmas list who likes scifi-fantasy? Odd anthropology? RPG books? Great classics of literature? Obscure occult? Make 'em happy! I have entire series of books...get the whole thing at once for the price of one book.

Spanish harlem bargain books, by appointment. Buck a pop paperbacks, two dollar hardcovers. No questions asked. Everything must go. That is right, you heard it correctly, 1$ paperbacks, 2$ hardcovers! You gotta carry 'em. Bring your own shopping bag.

When the books are gone, bookshelves will also be available for cheap. There are 3x 12 foot struts and 4x6 foot struts. I believe there are about 30 shelves as well. It is a modular set, so you can buy a part, or the whole mess. Struts will sell for 12$, shelves for 3$. - some maybe going to wangch61

I will be taking pictures of and selling my monastery table as well, as soon as I can dig up a digicam towards this end. The table is a singular piece. It was hand-assembled by French monks, with a wrought-iron wood-capped base. The tabletop is latticed birch, and it is corner capped with wrought iron. Beautiful piece, probably the most expensive non-electronic item I ever purchased. Starting price is 1500$ (half the price I bought it for, at 50% markdown). I also have a starter acoustic guitar with built in amp hookup am I would be willing to part with at a pittance (elspeth, you technically have dibs on this, if you still want it). I'll even throw in the stand for free.

I have a dell Dimension p3 733 w/ half a gig of ram, 64m nvidia video card, and a 40 gig HD - selling for 250$. It currently has Windows 2000 on it, but if you are not a geek, I will happily install any O/S you want, along with the latest Office suite, pro-bono. dog-eared to a friend's family - i have another PC coming up to block soon though, which is dogeared to moogle730

I have a Cisco Catalyst 2800 that needs to go too - 100$.

Gonna cut the wardrobe in half, and I need to figure out what to do with my pew - I saved that piece, so I really don't want to sell it or toss it. Maybe I will give it to my folks for safe keeping. Other sundry odds and ends will be figured out as time progresses.

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