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seeing red - con't.

Yeah I know it is a suckass translation.

The guy who was in the car is my friend Marcel.

I met Marcel in early 2001 in an occult reading group based in Manhattan. We were discussing Templars (of all things) which he had an obsession passing fascination for. I turned him on to Umberto Eco (though he was half-Spanish, he had never read), and Tom Waits (who I don't know if he ever really got, but listened to and laughed with me to humor me). I got word today through the messagebaord I met him through, that his brother got the call that he was killed earlier. I am betting this is what I got my wakeup episode over. Marcel and I spent more than one night sitting up smoking and drinking, talking about the Inquisition, Christianity, and how it related to pagan roots that were hidden within the traditions. He told me about what it was like to live in Spain, and what it was like to raise children that were not your own. He knew more about the Templars than anyone I have ever met before.

Marcel was a neat guy. He had three kids and two wives, and none of the kids were with the wives he had. He had been all over Europe, and (allegedly) spent three years in Egypt as a priest in some sort of underground cult. Marcel always had a good joke, and had an undying love for Greek liquor, which is how I came to discover the joys of Mextaca. He had a little closet apartment in the west village, and his roommates were never home. I haven't seen him in over a year, but last I had heard from him, he was going to Spain "on business". Guess "business" involved pushing dope.

Nobody has been able to contact anyone who knew his immediate family well. His brother, who is likewise estranged from the rest of the clan, was the one who left the post on the board letting everyone know what happened. Fransicso joined the board two years ago when he found his brother's profile. He was hoping someone had details about his brother's last wife.

Mextaca tonight.

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