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sun is shining

It snowed last night, and the wind was crystalline crisp walking to work.
My headache went away around 1.  Still a little sand to shake out of the ears, but other than that, ok.
Tonight i go suit shopping n shit.  Gotta get prepped for the new jobbity job in the threads department.

On an amusing side - friends of my fam got me a 75$ GC to Ambercrombie and Fitch (one begs the wisdom of such a purchase).  Never having shopped there, much less been to the website, I had a good friend of mine do some scouting for me while I was working yesterday.  If I buy shirts, I have to go in to try them on (since they do the L, XL, XXL thing), but, I can just buy socks and underwear over the internet.

Yes folks, for 75$, i can get 5 pair of underwear.  I didn't bother to research socks.

What the fuck is wrong with our species?!


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