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snow snow snow

First off, download ciphire. Make it harder for the people you don't want reading your mail to do so.

It is snowing. I am told by idchild that there is a possibility things will get bad. People here seem to be mixed on this around the traning center.

I spoke with gefiltebitch on the phone last night. I can, apparently, call Canadia from my phone, which is cool.

She is not gonna be able to make it for dinner this week, which sucks. Apparently, she will be down at the joy sea in March. We will get our cook on then, oh yes.

Speaking of which, I cooked last night. I made my double-stuffed pork loin, which seems to have been well loved. I got some nice crusty bread, and made some long grain/wild rice pilaf. I met idchild's and gabsosteel's friend Sara (who is hopelessly cool), and midwifed a new website, which I will have more info on later.

FTR, never trust tequila from a pastel-colored bottle. It does not get better as the evening goes on. I started with the good stuff, but by the witching hour, it seemed a good idea. It wasn't.

I feel fine today though. Mackin the Pepsi instead of the coffee.

I am looking forward to this weekend. It was nice to get my cook on last night.

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