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so this afternoon

i'm in a mcdonald's parking lot with idchild this afternoon, waiting for the people in the drivethrough to catch up with the orders (they brought the food out to the car). idchild was kind of spaced out, and i was watching this small black man shambling up the street. he looks right at me through the car window, and alters his trail, heading right towards the car. i assumed he was going to panhandle, or ask for some food or something. instead, he comes over to the car, and idchild rolls down the window.

"Would either of you gentlemen like to buy 100mg of Viagra for 8$?"

i was totally and completely flabbergasted. idchild saved the day with a "no man, i'm cool, thanks!"

i've since come up with about 50 great responses to that question. i will post them later, if i get around to it.

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