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I forgot my phone today.

I have decided to stop bitching about work. So I am tied to a cotton tree - it is not like anyone but myself put me here. I am, despite the effort involved, able to get two people's shit done, and only make a few minor mistakes. Everyone here is happy with me, but not afraid at all to continue to add to and refine the mountain of responsibilities on my plate. It has been a testing period, and I am 2/3 of the way through it almost. They want to see how broad my shoulders are, and how much weight they can pile on before my spine snaps. I have proven my resilliance, but I will be dammned if I am going to break, or consider the load I am bearing as "normal".

House-sitting this weekend, helping rakshaka move into his new place (if he figures out/coordinates transport times/places on Sunday), and probably doing work on Monday, despite the holiday. I found out yesterday, that though we get two president holidays, we get nothin at Easter. Not that I really care - I kinda like having two three-day weekends close together.

In other news, the realty agency maintaining my apartment are total liars. When renewing my lease recently, I reviewed my terms before re-upping. They state clearly that they pay for heat and hot water. I have long suspected that I am paying for my own hot water (since, y'know, there is a hot water heater in my kitchen). I got the electric bill for last month and it was more than 100$ than it usually is. Only thing that chanegd last month? It got fuckin cold, so I turned on the radiators.

Hooray for electric heat. I was basically running three space heaters for a couple weeks there.

I got my first rejection letter from the seminary applications I submitted in December. I should take the GRE. Maybe I'll just go back to school for something else part time, after I've been here a year.

Somethin's gotta give.

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