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sunshine in a bag

i didn't have much luck repairing xboxes yesterday, but i learned a LOT about them. it is something that is going to get some further research and applied geekiness to. i also showed one of my friends beat the devil. if you haven't already scoped them out, you should definitely download and watch them BMW films.

last night was something else. i've been talking for months about trying to recapture that "in the moment" mindset, but yesterday evening was the first night i was able to catch a tail feather of it in all that time i have been trying. there was wonderful food in abundance - corned beef, chicken casserole, bangers and mash, potatoes, cabbage. i had my dinner with a guiness, but after that (as my post yesterday suggests) it was all whiskey. i danced for almost 30 minutes with a gorgeous black woman named simone, and then danced a jig with her friend camile (who was a puerto rican irish)!

there was good cheer and whiskey and bagpipes. i made some joke to camile about rice and beans and potatoes which she thought was very funny, but i'll be damned if i can remember it today.the bagpipes trilled and my blood answered. leave it to the irish to unmoor my soul a little - we drank them out of jamesons, then makers, then black. i lost count after 20, but i did down about a gallon of water before we made the trek back to manhattan. other people were still going when i departed.

there was also some serious gambling at this place last night. there was a 60-odd man poker tourney with a 300$ buyin. it came down to two people, and it stayed there for over an hour. the chips and cards were hard and fast, but at the end of the day a 5-9 diamond straight flush beat pocket aces. kinda crazy to see all those chips calculate out to greenbacks though - there were far more benjamans than yuppie food stamps. winner took home 4000, second place was 2000, and there was a 500$ for "best hand".

at some point last night, i decided it would be a pleasant shenannigan to remove the plastic plate and map from the backseat of a taxi. i don't know why this seemed a good idea at the time, but it did. i now have one authentic NYCT&L map of manhattan.

i'm heading up to my folks today so they can drag me through birthday crap. i am surprisingly up. i've been awake almost two hours already, and crashed out at around 4.

i wrote all this out on the train this morning, but in my arrogance, decided that typing into a web form was ok. notepad and copy paste from now on. technology can be so stupid sometimes.

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