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i updated frankandeddie late cuz semagic crashed yesterday at some point, and i just noticed it now, so the queue didn't go. at least i didn't lose the entry.
i am very amused by how this is moving along. if you like my writing, or gangsters, or cursing, go join up.

it is kinda like a comic, without any of the pictures, or plot.

so busy.

i may have an assistant in two weeks! that means that it will only be like another month before my life at work becomes possible to face without wanting to cry my way into the office.

i gave a homeless woman 4$ this morning on the way to work. she was a female version of the homeless guy from groundhog day, Les Podewell (who ironically, died of cardiac arrest two years after the movie was made). it made me sad. to make change for the woman, realizing i should probably just give her everything in my wallet, but not knowing how she was going to use it. she didn't want anything to eat or drink, which made me sort of suspicious. i bought my first cup of a.m. coffee since new year's day. it was decadent, even though it was shitty deli coffee, and probably had equal parts roach eggs and sugar.

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