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big ta do

i'm moving.

i got an offer to move into a split in washington heights with my former college roomate and his g/f. i was hesitant about the prospect until i saw the place.
2200 sqft 4 bdrm 2 bathroom. elevator and a doorman, with video surveliance in the lobby. the place is currently occupied by 3 white bread colombia students, and the neighborhood really isn't much worse than where i am now, just a different demographic. the kitchen is bigger than my living room right now. with the rent split, i will be paying less than half of what i am paying right now.

we got everything nailed down yesterday. lease signing will be wednesday or thursday.

the commute is going to be longer, which means i'll have to get up a little earlier, but the place will definitely have benefits. my first apartment purchase after i get a proper bed is going to be a bar.

now i have to pack all my shit - i am planning on making copious craigslist posts to sell off/ haul away much of what i don't want/need anymore. the idea of having to get all this shit together makes me queasy. the good news is, i'm not going anywhere until june. after my long weekend at the end of may, i am really gonna nose-to-the grindstone it.

also, i finally got my tax return, which alleviates some acute financial pressure i was experiencing due to widespread monetary chaos.

i am debating between eliminating all by debt by january, and saving lots of money up first, and keep on my current debt elimination budget.

if there is one thing history has proven, it is that i am quite dangerous with a war chest at my disposal. i really want to invest in some gd real estate though, and i think if i keep that goal in mind, i can pre-empt any other major purchases.

i am very proud of myself. it has been nearly a month since jade empire came out, and i still have not purchased it. i know doing so will be the demise of any and or all sleep or free time i will have for at _least_ a week - possibly longer. this is the longest, to date, i have EVER held out on a game i wanted this badly.
Tags: money, moving, verbal meandering, video games

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