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touchy subject

Tim just got so upset, apparently, he felt he needed to leave the chat channel we haunt, over what i thought was a fairly banal discussion about the semantics of the morning after pill. I know from previous experince that Tim is very passionate about the issue, but not the point of abruptness that I witnessed today.

I guess I don't really care... it all comes down to a matter of personal opinion anyway; I just wish that he wouldn't go asking a really deep question, then not hang around to talk about the asnwer. JY and I had some good discourse about it, which involved these two analogies:

[13:00] <@idboy> akin to putting a desert eagle to a 1 year olds brainpan and pulling the trigger.
[13:01] <@Balr0g> nono
[13:01] <@idboy> Apart from this arguement, which i will be withdrawing from in a second, i'd like us all to enjoy the image ive created above


[13:06] <@Balr0g> if someone took them the day before a booty call, so that they wouldn't have to worry about getting pregnant, its defintiely a contraceptive... if someone took it after a booty call as a just in case cleanup, there is more of an argument that it is not a contraceptive, but, at the same time, you are not even affecting the zygote (if indeed one exists)
[13:06] <@Balr0g> simply making sure it has nowhere to call home once it swims downstream, and making sure it _goes_ downstream with all the timber for the potential aforementioned home
[13:06] <@idboy> well, it does take time for things to get cooking.
[13:06] <@Balr0g> right
[13:07] <@idboy> Thats a lovely analogy

Personally, I don't thik any man has a say in the decision, unless they are the potential father of the child, In that case, the matter should be weighted beore a tribunal of women judges, who onl delibeerate this issue. If you donate your sperm, you gave up your tights to it... without the in-person delivery, you don't get a say. Potential moms should be obligated to at least drop a line, thats about as much of an impingement on women's rights I'll make. Other than that, this is a strictly female matter. Women took care of it for thousands of years before some dumb schmuck came along and decided to legislate the issue. The only reason they did that was because of forced social morality and capitolism.

Ultimately, as I said above, it comes down to a matter of personal beliefs. The legislation is changed by money. So, if you have lots of money, and strong personal beliefs, you can get things done. Otherwise, just get in line with the rest of us signwavers, and pretend that what you say matters to someone other than yourself.

God these weblogs are so conceited =P

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