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so angry i could kill

the shittyness of my building has been well documented.
the fucking super decided to patch the roof today.
this means, he had to deal with the rats nest of wires on my roof.
he ripped the fucking head off my cable wire at the junction box, as well as melted the wire nearly in half as he lashed it down to the wrought iron fence on the roof.
time warner can't be there until tuesday.
this means spending 100-odd dollars this packed weekend, so i can run a new fucking line MYSELF down to the goddamned linkup.
it also means that i don't have work email, or websites until i fix this.

what makes me want to kill is that when i confronted him about this, i did so very specifically. i asked him what time he started working. it is (by his accounting) approximately 7 minutes before the connection went down.

he then had the audacity to lie, and say he didn't touch the wires, when you can see the freaking lash work he did with them today was fresh!

it took everything i had not to throw him off the fucking roof.
Tags: angst, cable, ghetto

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