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day early and a dollar poorer

ok, so apparently, parties are not when i thought they were, concerts were not when i thought they were, and crashing out of exhaustion at 11 is not good for the sleep cycle.

i have been a somewhat vapid poster of late. sometimes i go into great detail about deep shit, other times i am glossing over with pictures or poem snippets. a lot of this has been because i am so busy. big changes in the wind, tons of crap on the day-to-day, and, oftentimes, a complete lack of energy to put it all up on the internet. today's scheduling mix-up is simply another example of the rapidity which my life is moving these days, and how my attention to detail has suffered as a result.

as they said on the trail of tears - keep moving forward, and you'll never have to look back.

i am not going to totally ignore this blogging thing - indeed, i really enjoy it quite a bit. i just feel like i need to find a new hook here. i either need to get more serious and less vapid, and not oscillate quite so much between the two, or i need to just start posting memes and silly pictures for all m y content.

or, y'know, not. it is something to think about anyway.

brunch seems so far away when you are starting your day before the sun comes up.

at least i got my phone working again. i fucked it up royally trying to install a pdf reader onto it. this strikes me as something palm would want to make very easy. apparently, amacrodobe disagrees with this premise. my phone spent lots of time since around 1pm in a state of rebooting flux. it is all better now, with some new features and more organization. i have also decided that i am not going to synch my datebook with my home system anymore, but i will back it up on my home system.

i'm gonna go read a couple books.

good morning folks!

lots of running around today. what a clusterfuck.


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(Deleted comment)
May. 15th, 2005 01:42 pm (UTC)
Good morning!

I like the content of this LJ, whatever it is.
Just sayin.
May. 16th, 2005 02:16 pm (UTC)
Hey you. My journal gets stupid sometimes too. That doesn't make it any less my journal and something I like to do. I just go in waves; sometimes I'm too busy, sometimes I'm idle. The difference is me not wanting to post important things (like my 21st birthday), and other times posting 5 times a day about nonsense. So what? That's how our brains work, or at least mine. Me likey reading your content, even if I don't really know who anybody is. >-<;;

Ah, and one last thing, just because: SMILE! ^-^
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