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i just updated frankandeddie, which i have been away from for a while, since i wrote myself into a corner. murnkay had a good idea to rejuvenate it. this past episode was some of my most frivolous politically incorrect writing ever. if you are offended, you were warned - the humor involved in that writing does not necessarily reflect my personal views on, well, anything. it is for laughs. if you know me, you know how sick my sense of humor is, as well as how thoughtful i can be.

every now and then though, it is good to cut lose and let dr. hyde run the show.

i totally fucked up schedules this weekend. tonight is NIN. the gal at the office who went last night said it was a blast.

happy graduation to chne and silentire. happy belated housewarming to rakshaka. sorry i crossed wires on your party man, we'll do dinner soon to make up for it. happy b-day to sohwhat!
Tags: birthday, frankandeddie, nin, schedule mismanagement

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