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Sunday Sunday Sunday

So, all the work i did between 5:20 and 6:30 last night was eradicated by a dropped HD. That drive was swapped with master that hadn't synched yet with the drive I was working off of. You would think that Raid 5 would be fast enough to synch up over an hour. But what is this? We are not using Raid 5?! What do you mean help desk? Wait, you are using fucking SOFTWARE RAID 2 on an enterprise system?! Did I miss e fucking memo? Does that mean that when the systems are seeing undue load (like when everyone's mail accounts are syncing at end of day) that the software raid driver craps out, and doesn't get restarted until the service monitor rolls over once an hour? Oh, well, I'm glad you run that service monitor. If you didn't, someone might lose, like, AN HOUR OF FUCKING WORK.

I didn't actually find all this out from the help desk. I imagine they don't even know what Raid is.

Needless to say, I am a bit toasted over this development.

Sunday is the accursed Puerto Rican day Parade. Between the fireworks in my neighborhood, and everything that can be draped with a flag being draped with a flag, I've already had enough, and it is not yet parade day. I find it humorous that the mayor is trying to keep pulling for the hispanic vote by encouraging people to stay open along 5th avenue. Tolerance and smarts have nothing to do with each other in this situation - lots of these places do the same thing for Patty's day, and all that happens then is 5th ave gets painted with green puke. Mayor Mike doesn't chime in then.

So, in a bid to avoid the whole thing, anyone want to do anything Sunday? I have to be in the W. Village about 4pm to pick up some keys, but other than that, I have no serious agenda. Movies, Bars, Food - all of the above? Ideas people, ideas. I don't want to end up listening to a bunch of gang-gropers brag to each other in spanish from my 5th floor window.

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