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Wind in the Sails

it is hot!
work has been a real bear lately. i did not sleep hardly at all last night, which left me getting to work later than i wanted to today (but still about an hour earlier than everyone else). broke down and bought jade empire. it is everything i hoped it would be. i am actually having trouble with some of the battles and the difficulty cranked up all the way.

i packed up pantry and pots and pans today - maybe dishes later, if i can muster the energy. outlook hazy on that one.

i am continuing the audience participation trend with frankandeddie. if you don't know what this is, start at the beginning before catching up - even if you don't read, you should fill out the poll - it will make it more entertaining. i just realized that frankandeddie started the day after my birthday. that is pretty funny - i have no recolection of when i started it, only that i was bouncing off of a post murnkay made.

in cleaning out shit, i came across a stash of chocolate stuff i kept on hand for seemestarfish. it seemed a pity to toss it all, so i made some brownies for my co-workers. it is funny, how making brownies always stresses me out. i've never made a "bad" batch (where nobody liked them), but i have tried some pretty experimental mixes in my day. the biggest thing is that i don't like chocolate, so i don't taste what i am making - i am cooking with straight theory - it is funny to see how the results turn out.

i have several combinations which work pretty well - which ones would you want?

Which of these combos sounds best to you

dark chocolate brownies with bittersweet chocolate chips, milk chocolate drizzled on top with chocolate sprinkles
bittersweet brownies with white chocolate chunks, cashews, and powdered sugar
dark chocolate brownies with milk chocolate chunks, almond bits, covered with a sliced almond/amaretto/vanilla glaze
just plain brownies with walnuts
black cherry and dark chocolate chunks in a fudge-based brownie, topped with confectioner's sugar and drizzled with chocolate sauce

Or, how do you like your brownies?

i need to sleep tonight. i had some really disturbing dreams all night, which kept me up until about quarter to six this morning with no continuous sleep greater than about 30 minutes from 2am on.

i'd love a drink right now, but i packed all my booze away 0_o


Jun. 15th, 2005 03:25 pm (UTC)
um, not out yet
it is jsut recently in open beta - it is very similar to diablo this go-round, with slightly better tools for connecting to the gamespy network than blizzard's battle net.

what i like is the versatility of the ds series as a hack and slash goes - they allow you to be flexible, rather than restricting you to a single class, but you can always see the glory possible if you were to totally max out in one class.
Jun. 15th, 2005 03:34 pm (UTC)
Re: um, not out yet
well see, that's part of why i never really got anywhere - i had to keep balanced, so i had to keep doing multiplayer to build up four aspects instead of just one :-p


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