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after two hours sleep, i am looking back on the last 10 hours. i am counting my lucky stars. the fuckin kids were definitely green, the more i think of it. they can't have tailed me for long, cuz i used my phone about 5 minutes before all this went down. they woulda gone for the phone too.

overall, i think my pride is hurt more than anything else. the guy barely clipped my nose, and it was from the side, so it wasn't like i ended up with a shattered schnoz or anything - light discoloration by the nostril, that's about it. i'm actually chuckling about how i musta looked wandering through wtc and to the poor cabby who carried my ass northward.

the lump on my head is mostly gone, though the fuzzy ache remains.

my hand hurts. the buttons on the kid's shirt or jacket musta clipped me. i think it was a jean jacket, with those fucking big ass brass buttons.

like i said, pride hurt worst of all. i am goddamned tired. i fell asleep in my chair around 8ish, and david bowie screaming about changes woke my ass up. while i was not consciously thanking him at the time, i think my neck is.

thanks for everyone who wished well.
Tags: fighting, health, jersey, luck

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