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I have 37 ties. I have much disassembled furniture, and a packed kitchen (except for fridge). I will try not to buy any ties on my way way to the parking lot.

And now, for my exhausted non-sequitor, I present Homer Simpson in Several Languages:

Armenian: Հոմր Սիմպսոն
Arabic: هومر سمسون
Georgian: ჰომეპ სიმპსონ
Greek: Χόμερ Σίμπσον
Hebrew: הומר סימפסון
Hindi: होमर सिम्पसन
Korean: 호머 심슨
Japanese: ホーマー・シンプソン
Russian: Гомер Симпсон
Tamil: ஹோமர் சிம்சொந்
Thai: โฮเมอร์ ซิมพ์สัน
Tags: moving, nonsense, simpsons, wardrobe

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