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decide for me, oh my social conscience

i just paid all my bills. my movers cannot possibly cost more than 500$ (if they try _really_ hard). even budgeting that, i have a decent cash surplus at the moment due to several well timed things.

give me guidance as to what path to take. i have been starving for my Sony F828 for over a year, and camera less for almost 6 months! i am camera hungry dammit!

Poll #518631 oh my social conscience

Help me in my Big decision

fuck caution, get the camera, you can always return it if you need the cash
be careful, wait until after you have moved
you get paid three times this month, splurge away! fuck keeping the receipt! use the cam to document the move!
do you have to get _that_ camera? jesus, can't you be happy with a stupid kodak like the rest of us?

or provide your own wisdom here:

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