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hey online_stalker

island alert!

as mishellion said, my pack-fu is strong. i am well on the way to complete, though i had to ditch my plans for the day to get there. usually i just pack through the night, because my movers are usually scheduled for crack of dawn. this time though, no movers until midday, so if i pull my old tricks, i'll be outta crazy juice by the time i get moved.

last night i went and saw land of the dead with wangch61, after having a lovely dinner with mrshellion. korean bbq'd cow lounge is good stuff folks! the movie was o.k. we got there a little too late for the nerd storm, so we had to sit in the front row. that, in and of itself, was not so bad a thing, but it put us three rows up from a totally stoned out urban gentleman who kinda fucked the movie. i mean, this was not an artistic experience, but i felt like we were trapped in a chapelle show skit. imagine the scene from scary movie, but with a guy, and about 1000 times worse. ultimately, everyone shouted him down, which cut most of his running dialouge. he still shouted something every time someone ganked or was ganked by a zombie - usually "yo, that was some gangsta shit!"

the only other thing i know about him is that john leguzamo is apparently his "nigga", or so he said about 200 times throughout the movie.

after the movie, i hung out for a bit w/ wangch61, then met some friends of his roommate down in the village. ultimately, i ended up at techtraum's place playing drunken jade empire and eating middle eastern food. i did manage to get home before the sun came up, about 10 minutes before mightywombat got home.

sorry i missed out on the fun today prettykate and leanashe.rain checks for everyone!
Tags: crazy juice, food, friends, movies, zombies

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