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i just made me some food

had a lovely evening.
met up with mrshellion for dinner. chinese food and good talking makes for happy bellies. even if the fucking fortunes were lame, and the goddamn pig woman outside of tasti-d needed to be made into sausages.

went down to techtraum's place. retrieved xbox, and met his mom. she is going to make a stop by the museum tomorrow ~ noon thirtyish. she confirmed for me that not only are there goats in malta, but that some of them are named "whitey". suggested that techtraum name the first kid he and cercaria have "whitey". this suggestion was not received as well as i had hoped it would be.

got home, talked on the phone too long, then decided that the chinese food appetizers i had earlier were not cutting it. portabello, green beans, tuna, spinach alfredo, and a little cheddar rue (with onions, dill seed, and tarragon) later, and i am much satiated.

i am going to write a little, then go chill in the a/c.

i spent an hour and a half on the phone with my mother today arguing about philosophy. universal truths (indeed, the scope of universal), paradox, objective vs. subjective reality, social ethics (as they relate to theology, justice, and politics), and theoretical vs. applied reality and systems, quantum mechanics, parallel and multiple universes, and biological nervous system potential.

i tuckered her out, she don't like it when i bite back. i did try out the idea for a short story i have been brewing for a while though in the midst of the conversation, and it worked like a peach. more on that when i finish editing it.

tonight, concert, then who knows what. tomorrow, midday lunch plans, then a party in the evening. sunday morning i probably am going to do my best to work, followed by old apartment renovation. mightywombat was a peach today and swung by to drop off keys.

anyone have any genres or spots in mind for dinner tomorrow night (to those who suggested it a good idea)? think lower west side - i'm thinking chinatown or lil italy?

i think the last time i was at the bowery was to see danzing. i think this show will involve less blood.
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