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Friday Queez

Alive, sorta.  Made it back from Buffalo anyway.  Snowed under at work, and seriously stressing about the other apartment.   Le Sigh.

Quiz to lighten your Friday.  As always, I will post the true answers, and laugh at the wit and wisdom of my wonderful friends, who never cease to crack me up with these things.

Poll #546358 With A River View

What is the longest river in South America?

In Mark Twain's book, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, a raft carried Huckleberry Finn and a runaway slave down which river?

Which river flows northward for approximately 850 miles from southeastern Switzerland to the North Sea?

Which English river is called the Isis in the vicinity of Oxford?

Which long river empties into the Mediterranean at Damietta and Rosetta?

In Paris, is the Left Bank north or south of the River Seine?

The River Danube begins in which country?

The Darling River flows into the Murray River - in which country?

Mesopotamia is a region between which two rivers?

Which important Russian city is on the delta of the River Neva?

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