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Dragons in Tibet (link via agirlnamedluna)
Now you can PAY to try and spot Bigfoot!
Ancient Egypt provides key to storing nuclear heritage
Smoking left to bad guys and low-life
Jonaathan Weinberg on 1984 and right to privacy in your trash
Jinxed computer users might be sending out a bad vibe, researchers suggest
Medical Professionals Bending Ethics in Terror War
Yankee Stadium Fan Plunges From Upper Deck
Ethiopian Naming Ceremony
Abe Hirschfeld died =(

Just sayin... cupcakes may be a strong totemic spirit guide, which is a good reason to tattoo them above your elbow. Make sure they have lots of majesty lines coming off of them a la strongbad's trogdor. Personally, I'd just go right to the Hostess Twinkie Cowboy. At least he has a lasso.
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