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You're gonna need a bigger post...

Had a nice weekend.

Friday was a failed attempt at theater and art, but very successful Indian food. Saturday that was made up for (the theater bit). Julius Caesar set n the old south works surprisingly well. fructa was definitely the most enthusiastic yokel I've ever seen. Lots of fun.

After that was Blackout, which, well, was a bit of a disaster. I had a great time. Too much of a great time, buy several drinks. This led to my obliteration. L. was good enough to chaperone and care take - even to the point where I passed out locked in my bathroom, and she undid the doorknob with my leather man to make sure I was alive.

I was amazed the next day when I was informed of this, for several reasons:

  • I woulda left my ass in the bathroom.

  • My bathroom is the size of a well-proportioned broom closet - I have no idea how I managed to pass out laying down in it

  • She put up with my general ahole nature which always emerges when I get sick

Yesterdays brunch was a laid-back blast. It got off the ground slightly lateish, but once everyone got there, the food, laughs, and good times got a-rolling. aside from L. and our friend Aaron, appearances were made my techtraum,bruteforcemethd,wangch61, and red_dinosaur. If ya didn't make it this time, make it to the next one.

Amidst the slew of entertaining conversations, there was a comment made by bruteforcemethd re: my sausage rolls. The "you had to be there" moment was largely based on the concept that all foodstuffs have a consciousness and life goal, and that goal is to be eaten. Foodstuffs have learned to manipulate other living life forms (via deliciousness) into making that life goal a possibility.

I need to work this into a short story somehow. Maybe about a chef who becomes a prophet for the way of the food? I dunno, but it was a fantastic idea, and a hysterical delivery.

As is usually the case with Sunday brunch I am involved in, it ran WAY late - the sun was down by the time everyone piled out. Hopefully, everyone made it home safe and sound.

This week, I start going for the illegal sublet on the apartment. 3 days to cercaria!

Tonight - Jaws in Bryant Park. Give a hollah if you want to reserve some blanket space. BYOB and BYOF, but we may share cheese and fruit, as well as a swig of my sangria!

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