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Noodles, Dinos, and Apocalyptic Happenings

So I think I may convert to Pastafarianism. My decision was sparked by reading this article which pretty clearly states the current affairs in terms of the “average Joe’s" understanding of the great wide world. Combine that with the recent group of dinosaur-based real estate purchases, and you end up with a public that will soon be looking to Disneyworld instead of the encyclopedia for scientific facts. Maybe the Fed will start underwriting Disney's general operations with grants for education.

But, we all knew that the U.S. is suffering from intellectual rot. I came here today to rant a little about what is going on down south.

blergeatkitty was good enough to post a synopsis of how our Commander in Chief has done in the last couple days.

Sunday, Monday

But wait, then I see shit like this email, likening the hurricane to a fetus, and therefore a sign of god’s wrath. Apparently the CCL did not notice that there are a metric fuckton more churches in old New Orleans then there are abortion clinics.

This country really makes me queasy. I have still not fully recovered my wits sufficiently to engage my family on the last major correspondence I got. Maybe I can move to Iraq. I mean, they are going to have a new constitution and stuff - maybe it will take a few years for the bullshit and corruption to overtake the democratic ideals (even if they are being forced upon a decidedly non-democratically inclined cultural group). But then, I read about the road their constitutional convention has taken and I realize, that is a shot in the dark.

For all its failings as a movie, one thing I loved about Starship Troopers was compulsory civil service to attain citizenship. If, in order to become ELIGIBLE for civil service, you had to pass a basic civics / intelligence exam, all the better. Oh yeah, tie citizenship to reproductive rights or something while you are at it - build your own utopia... Just add sea monkies.

I'm sorry I let my angst get the better of me - I really do have something constructive to say here.

Many of you who have known me for a long time know that I have long joked about "running away to" or "relocating" to New Orleans. Part of me is glad I never did - part of me wonders if I shouldn't. I have a couple friends there, there will clearly be opportunity to DO things once they pump the water out. Maybe this is an opportunity to be a part of the genesis of something, rather than constantly wishing for mass destruction and griping about the state of things.
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