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death to king louiiiiiie

Email is down.
Time for a relatively short recap of recent events:
Halloween was great fun, had a blast, must make a point of haning out with Pete and Laila more on non-worknights (for them anyhow). Went to MD. Had a good time. Decided that dogs have more energy than they were meant to have. Discovered that the new raid function on EQ will foil my powerleveling plans. Decided I really miss Ken and his family. Decided that the Smithsonian is not as cool as I remmeber it, as compared to the Museum of Natural History in NY. Further discovered that the Smithsonian has no sense of the usefullness of autmated phone messages, which could very easily illuminate the fact that there will be no 6:15 or 8:15 showings of StarWars Episode 2 on IMAX due to some charity function taking place that day. Remembered how poorly I fit on twin-sized bed. Reminisced on the fact that I think I was 15 the last time I slept on 2 Twin sized beds pushed together like 1 big bed. I Further decided that Interstate 95 sucks ass. I re-discovered (yet again, for the who knows how manyith time) that New Jersey sucks the mold off a necrophiliac's ballsack. Discovered that 83 North to 78 East is a much prettier/more laid-back ride than chugging through the gut of the aforementioned state in question.

Decided that not being able to check your email when you really need/want to sucks more tremendously than I remember it.

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