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Chicken Soup my Ass

I am sick as a dog. I've been fighting it all week, but I definitely lost last night. In addition to the symptoms that have been bugging me all week, I have lost my voice.


In deference to my current state of affairs, today's queez will be in honor of the plague.

Poll #567230 bring out your dead

What popular barbershop hallmark owes it's origins to the Middle Ages?

What popular childrens ' nursery rhyme is about plague?

What is the earliest written reference to plague that western culture can cite?

Samuel II (circa 1310 BC)
Book of Armaments, Chapter 4, Verses 16 to 20 (circa 1429 BC)
The History of Henry of Thrapston (circa 1335 AD)
I Samuel I (circa 1320 BC)
I Kings 2 (circa 1270 BC)
I "Materia Medica" by Pedanios Dioskorides (circa 80 AD)

At the turn of the 20th century, what major US port city was wracked by plague? What ended the outbreak?

Shibasaburo Kitasato and Alexandre Yersin are famous for making what famous discovery at about the same time?

Because the devastation of the Black Death was outside their comprehension, people accepted unquestioningly the doctrine of the Pope and the Church that the visitation was God's punishment for their manifold sins. Presenting the Pope's message for Lent in February 2002, Archbishop Paul Cordes, the head of the Vatican's agency for humanitarian aid, upheld this view, maintaining that there was scriptural authority for the idea that those who contract illness do so because they have sinned and asserted that illness is the result of sin.


How long did it take the plague to move from the southernmost point in Europe to the Northernmost (just below the Arctic Circle)?

The 1918 influenza outbreak killed over 700,000 in the US, over 20,000,000 worldwide. What famous leader was among that number in the US?

What is the approximate fatality rate of SARS?

What two western hemisphere countries experienced a polio outbreak in 2000?

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