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Yep, it is that time again kids!

Now longer for her pleasure, and your sense of self-doubt...
I will post the answers, par usual. Hope this helps everyone through the last hour of the work day!

Poll #571814 Uberiffic Friday Queez

How many people singed the Declaration of Independence on July 4? Bonus Americana nerd points if you know who they were!

What is the most common name in the world?

Which kills the most people annually (according to statisticians): being kicked by a donkey, airplane crashes, or exploding beer bottles?

Who were the first couple to be shown together in bed on national television in the US?

What two days of the year are there no professional sports games in any of the major (MLB, NBA, NHL, or NFL) commercialized leagues in the U.S.?

Who was the first casualty of the Allied bombing of Berlin in WW2?

Name the world's top three wine producing countries (kudos if you rank then, you googled it if you list percentages)?

What are the most common elements of the planet's crust, in descending order?

Them crazy Brits have a lot of words in the English language that differ from American English. For instance, a quadrillion in England is a different number in the US? What is the US number? (bonus if you know how many 0's there are)

Who is the second largest landowner in NYC? Who is the first?

Who is the only USA author to have a book in every category of the Dewy Decimal system?

What color is a purple finch?

What play was Lincoln watching when he was assassinated?

Honorificabilitudinitatibus is the longest word in what famous writer's works?

What does the ZIP in ZIP Code stand for?

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