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a thoughtful meme, imagine that.

LJ Interests meme results

  1. barrett's privateers:
    A great old seadog ditty about privateering. Written by Stan Rogers in the 70's. I first became aware of this song through my Uncle, who is a large repository of limmericks, poems, and songs. It makes a good drinking song, if other people can learn the words.

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  2. demons:
    SAM: The Captain is not as gentle and easygoing as I am. He is a raging tornado, posessed of inner demons the likes of which mere mortals cannot fathom.

    GONZO: He has demons? Cool!
    (from Muppet Treasure Isle)

    My interest in demons and demonology comes from a deep-rooted fascination with religions and the traditions they spawn. The concepts of demons has existed (via visual evidence) before the written word, and has become almost commonplace in modern literature, media, and cultural understanding.
  3. etymology:
    I am obsessed with the variety and power of words. As a medium, words have always fascinated me with the ability to infuse thought, image and experience in a very contextual or contextless manner. The history of the tools of my preferred medium is significant to the appropriate use of them, in my opinion.
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  4. kundalini awakening:
    My initial contact with yoga, specifically Kundalini, came at a fairly early age, via Roald Dahl. It remains a central part of my beliefs that humans can naturally alter states of consciousness and mental perception with meditation and a regimen of mental exercises.
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  5. mythology:
    I am fascinated with the process of myth and legend, as well as the roots of past cultures that exist today in modern context as a result of the myths that have managed to germinate across time and cultures. Though i love all myth equally, i am slightly better versed in Western myth than Eastern myth, largely due to fewer linguistic constraints.

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  6. poetry:
    Much the way my interest in etymology is based on the history and qualities of words, my love of poetry is based on what you can do with those words. To me, poetry is the purest form of verbal linguistics, despite the fact that prose has much stronger ability to allow for clarity of thoughts in words.

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  7. Santeria:
    In modern western culture, many of the beliefs systems still prevalent have removed everyday spiritualism from existence. In a culture that has very distant spiritual interaction, it is refreshing to see a tradition still practicing a pidgin of old faith and new, using an age-old pattern for establishing spiritual communication, influence, and channeling. Santeria is amazing in depth.
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  8. star wars:
    Star Wars is the collective myth of several generations. An amalgam of many mythological traditions, it highlights most of the things that are good about fantasy, science fiction, and an epic. While I find many of the later works in the series distasteful in their direct merchandising pandering, they do add some interesting flavor to the overall series. I love the original movies, and much of the fiction spawned as a result of them.
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  9. truth:
    In everyday life, people distinguish between truth and falsehood as a matter of survival. People who are unable to recognize lies, mistakes or inaccuracies, at least most of the time, suffer greatly. But what is basis of the distinction between truth and falsehood? The philosophical problem of truth has been described as the search for the nature of truth. In the 20th century it became more common to describe the problem as the search for the meaning of the predicate 'true' when it is applied to a statement or belief.

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  10. zombies:
    Zombies in sword & sorcery, pulp, and film have been a major influence in my understanding of the horror genre. I will always love zombies. I've written some fiction about them myself, and have had many conversations about the animation of the dead from a fictional standpoint. I am completely fascinated with the traditions that come out of Hati that relate to the true roots of zombieism.
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