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weekends and everything else

Met a new person this week from WV. Remembered some things about WV I had forgotten. Went to the museum of TV and Radio for a Muppet 50th Anniversary event. Realized that if I had seen that presentation when I was the age of 9/10ths of the participants, I would have totally tried to become a muppeteer. May still - apparently being tall and goofy helps. I made a brain-sucking evil puppet, which I gave to a kid who really wanted it. I probably should have scared him first, but I did not.

The Giants lost. The Yanks are in a dead heat with the RS, and for the first time since there was a wild card, neither of them have the safety. Ulcer city.

I finished the last book in the War of the Spider Queen sextet. I've been putting it off for a while. I was somewhat disappointed, somewhat glad that it is over. It led me to dealing with some major issues I have about fantasy writing and divinity, which I may tackle tin the future, if I remember to.I am also re-reading Harry Potter on lunch hours, as L. grinds through the backlog to get to the latest book. I need to write in a major way. I have to start bringing my laptop with me everywhere, or maybe get a Treo keypad.

The Dali Lama got a key to the city yesterday. He is 70! Crap, there is going to be some big problems when he dies =/

Big stuff to do this week coming - trying to gather all the data I need to get them done.

I hope the armed attack dolphins train dolphins in the wild, and stage a coup against humanity.

Go and download this rehash of "George Bush Doesn't care about Black People". Seriously, one of the best music videos I've seen in ages.

I had mentioned some purchases upcoming - should I go for one 21" flat screen monitor, or two 19"? I miss having two monitors like a mofo, but refuse to dump a grand on two 21"!

Also - beds - as in buying one. Anyone have any pros/cons of getting a bed with a built in cabinet/side tables vs not? I need end tables for my bedroom, and wouldn't mid having a shelf worked in to the headboard. I am definitely getting a platform bed - I was thinking something like this, this or maybe this. Thoughts, opinions, funny stories?

Goals before Christmas: driver's license and passport renewal. Hopefully, I can knock out the DL by the end of the week! Wednesday I will be dealing with Time Warner, and, hopefully, watching the new Family Guy Presents Stewie Griffin: The Untold Story (DVD).

I was late this morning! For good reasons, worry not.
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