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Heavy Clouds But No Rain

I am back from the farm. I was back yesterday, but so overplowed/tired that things didn't get done in the order I wanted them to.

L'Shanah Tovah Tikatevu! Hopefully I will see mrshellion this week so I can give her well wishes in person. There was nobody on the road today. I should have taken the bus, I would have made it on time, instead of 30 mins early.

The farm has come a long way. My brother did a ton of work upstairs, and my dad cleared a huge amount of brush and scrub around the house. The barn is still a shambles, but they did a lot of renovation downstairs. The basement was power washed and cleaned out, and the side room is now stocked with hardware and rack shelves. The kitchen has been totally re-done, and the cat carpets have been ripped up and replaced with vinyl tile. Much more livable, but still pleasantly rustic. I bought a new knife, and carved a walking stick, which I intend to trick out next visit up. It is black birch. I forgot how pleasant carving/whittling was. It was still a shit load of work. I am going to buy a camera soon, so there will be more good pic collections of my journeys.

I may also look into getting a PA bow hunter license for next season. Less because I am gung ho about killing a deer, and more because of my longstanding fascination with archery, bowyery, and fletching. If I do go through with all this, I will probably end up buying or trying to make my own longbow (I may buy one first, then learn how to make them with a working example). Lord knows between my brother and my father, there will be enough feathers around to try a hand at fletching. (Damn, in doing prelim research, I found someone that killed a Kodiac with a longbow. You better be damn good to go on THAT trip!) This is all a long-term project, but something I am definitely interested in.

In other news, I settled my monitor woes. Instead of spending 1000+$ on two 21" flat screen monitors, I found an excellent supplier of refurb 20" Dell 9E249 UltraSharp monitors, which were about the same price as a 19", but can do 1600x1200 resolution. Soon I will be back to 40" of desktop, for about the same price as if I had settled for the two 19 inchers.

I didn't do a queez last week, cuz I was leaving a little early to go to the farm. I will see if I can maybe do a midweek one, and a friday one this week. I need to update frankandeddie, but have no idea if that will realistically happen. I have a series of posts I want to write based on a snippet I put together this weekend while everyone else was sleeping. We'll see if that happens...

Happy Tuesday.
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