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Try a Thursday queez!
Yep, that's right. Instead of one 15 question queez tomorrow, we are getting a two part 12 question extravaganza! Mostly, it is because I am going batty at work, and need to procrastinate, so I will be building material all day.

For those playing at home, hands on your buzzers now please. The theme for this two part extravaganza: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly.

Poll #584475 The Good The Bad and The Ugly Pt. 1

[Good]What band is the only group in history to hold the top five spots on the Billboard singles chart?

[Bad] If you had epilepsy, or any other disorder which involved semi-regular seizures, what was the most likely remedy to be prescribed to you in a 19th century NYC hospital?

[Ugly] Prior to our modern understanding of genetics and cell theory, it was believed by some early biologists that each spermatozoon carried a tiny, fully-formed human being. What was the term used to describe this diminutive person?

[Good] The only repealed amendment to the U.S. Constitution was the Eighteenth. What did it pertain to? Bonus points if you know when it was passed. Googleplex points if you know when it was repealed.

[Bad] What is the only animal born with horns?

[Ugly] What is the only animal whose “testimony” is admissible as evidence in a U.S. Federal Court?

[Good] What is the only foodstuff which will never spoil if kept in sanitary conditions?

[Bad] What famous jazz musician insisted that cockroach soup was the best cure for colds and sore throats?

[Ugly] Who was the U.S. Congressman caught in 1974 driving drnk with a stripper, who jumped into the Tidal Basin?

[Good] What evangelist claimed in 1987 that unless he raised more than 4.5 million dollars, he would be “called home” to heaven?

[Bad] What is the slightly more infamous name Gilles De Rais is better known by?

[Ugly] What horrific bull-like creature, described by Pliny the Elder and Claudius Aelianus was so ugly that if it managed to meet your gaze, it would kill you or turn you to stone?

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