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EDIT:they closed part of penn station earlier, but just amtrak.
people are jittery like i can't believe over this. i will admit, i am one of them.

what i am reading, allegedly, is that one of the people they arrested overseas admitted to being part of a bigger thing, which is why they are so uptight.

i love this town, and i hate this town, to the point of nausea.

what is really making me ill, i think, is the idea that they knew about this for two days and were "concerned that the story may damage operations" if it broke. i am all against this hollywood bullshit where you stop the bomb with three seconds left, but i'd prefer to be far the fuck away (which i can do in two days notice) in case somebody cuts the wrong fucking wire, or that barrel marked "flour" is actually full of anthrax dust and c4.

lets take this out of the terror perspective. would you call someone two days after you noticed they had a lot of smoke coming out of their back yard to make sure they knew about it, even if it might not be a fire, and could just be a leaf pile burning or something? maybe if you were the shittiest neighbor ever.

i have no patience for the bloat - i hope it doesn't fail, yet i would love to see it fail. then again, after new orleans, even abject failure doesn't seem to be able to get people off thier asses anymore. part of the reason that there are people who want to kill is is the fucking sstem putting the people in place to protect us, and the methods those protectors use. kobayashi marou anyone?
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