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Weekend update

  • Friday, had a great lunch with red_dinosaur, despite the fact that we had to wait for almost a half hour for the bloody cafe to open! EDIT: But we saw frickin Doogie Howser!
  • Went to show with L. and mrshellion.  Show kicked much ass.  Looking into acquiring songs by opening band, Devotchka.  Any band that has a female tuba player is o.k. in my book.
  •  Dresden Dolls kicked much ass.  Webster Hall is still an O.K. venue in my book, though it is decidedly less appealing with one less pool table and no smoking.
  • Met L.'s close friend, who is up from Fla.  He is really cool, and I was very glad to meet him.  Had many enjoyable conversations with him over the course of the weekend.
  • Got up early to complete costume, went home, put shit together, hit the town dressed as an Egyptian prince/king.
  • Went to the Juxtapoz  sponsored art show at the Lit Lounge/Fuse Gallery, where a friend of mine had a piece featured. It was a good time.
  • Close to the end of the show, stepped out with L. to meet up with capt_blackadder, his wife, and another close friend who was in town for the weekend from Boston.  Must have dinner with all soon!
  • Went to unfuckingbelieveable party.  I have never lusted for a digicam like I did at this party.  So many ops missed.  Had a great time with grimbil,twirlygurl,wangch61,prettykate,obifu,hoolifanpeepeepoopoo,and the mob scene that is the bunch of peeps I am friends with that don't have eljays.  As always, many thanks to our hosts, who suffered karmic backlash in the puke department at this party.  In all the years I been hangin, ain't never seen so many people's regurgitated dinners, and in all the bad locations!  Speaking of dinners, we need to make food plans grimbil and twirlygurl.  Name the place or time, or just pick a night, and I'll cook!
  • Went for a pizza run at 2am Sat, just in time to make it on the street for the chaos as the clocks turned back.  Watched four pies eaten faster than you can clear a pac-man level.
  • Watched Vampire Hunter D yesterday. Love that movie.  Cooked a nice brunch - bacon, cheesy eggs, keishka, sausage, english muffins and a raspberry danish roll.  For dinner, made mushroom chicken with fried pirogi, fresh onion and carrots.  I made an O.K. pumpkin pie too, considering it was canned pumpkin, and I had neither condensed milk nor cream to work with.
  • Happy Halloween!  Munchkins for my office, and new frankandeddie for y'all.
  • I think I may take a stab at NaNoWriMo, using the Jesuit ninja idea.

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