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A New Year Resolution

Yep, I don't believe in them. Mostly because, I really don't have many things in my life that have spiraled out of control so far that I need to make a promise to myself to get them back under control. As I lay in bed this morning pondering (as I often do) it occurred to me that resolutions are not all of the limiting flavor, some can be of the bettering variety as well.

One of the many things I haven't really done yet is try to establish what the purpose of this space is. A few other people I know have decided to do that (establish or re-establish what their space is about), and it got me thinking. My own user info uses the phrase "verbal meanderings". That is what it is, really. Links, chatter, emotional knee-jerk to news and events. Photos, circumspect philosophy, and inappropriate wastes of time.

I want to try and accomplish something with my writing this year.

This may not seem like a big deal to you. I am trying to be constructive by setting a goal, and I am hoping that the first step to success in the process of meeting that goal is open declaration.

We'll see where things go.

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