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i posted pics from my trip. most are from the portland zoo, but a couple are from this bar in portland that had an intersting gimmick. you donate a buck fifty, and they roll a dollar around the quarters then toss it on the ceiling. it sticks. apparently via irish magic (aka a palmed thumb tack or a bit of sticky tape). at the end of the year, they scrape the ceiling, and the bar matches whatever was thrown up, and donates it to a charity.

cute gimmick.

realize that the pics i took are all sized down, lest i blow my flikr account. the origs are all 3-5 meg apiece, and are lovely resolution. also realize, for some of the shots (like my favs of the polar bears) i was pretty damn far away, on the other side of a pane of glass.


my network blew up while i was away. the primary hard drive on my server is going. jack is not a happy puppy about these things. i managed to get a fast image of the hard drive, and will swap it out tonight. i need to get a new router, and am considering upgrading to a gigabit backbone for the wired portion, now that i can use the 54 megabit for the wireless.

the tech shit never ends dammit.

what did y'all do with your long weekends? I know it is practically the end of the week, and they may have seemed like yesterday's dreams, but there is no way in hell i can possibly backread as many entries as i missed while i was gone. let me know if i missed any signifigant developments.

this post was brought to you by the letter 'p' and little thirty second spurts of typing spread out over the whole day. sorry if it comes across as non-linear. it probably isin't.

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