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too late for a weekend update?

pics from the surprise party thrown for obifu by prettykate are finally posted, as well as a bunch of pictures i took from the wb bridge when i was going back into the city sunday morning. the party was a great time, a lot of cooking, and a very ecclectic and interesting group of people. it is the first party i have been to in a while where my friends didn't comprise more than half the guest list. by the end of the night, that was all that was left, but for the first few hours, not so much. i was dead on my feet by the end of the eve, lemme tell you.

sunday i went to a great superbowl party at grimbil and twirlygurl's place, and had some kickass gumbo. i came one play away from winning 500$. better luck next year.+

if you ever wonder why my sausage rolls taste so good, the answer is simple. cream cheese.

i'm moving offices today, which is why i have the time to make posts like this. hooray for doors!

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