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1. Which famous detective first appeared in the story "A Study
in Scarlet"?

2. Which detective featured in Raymond Chandler's stories "The
Big Sleep" and "Farewell, My Lovely"?

3. "The Mystery of Edwin Drood" was the unfinished last novel by
which writer?

4. Lord Peter Wimsey featured in detective novels by which

5. Which detective first appeared in Colin Dexter's "Last Bus
to Woodstock"?

6. Which American author wrote the detective stories "The Maltese
Falcon" and "The Thin Man"?

7. One of the earliest detective novels was written in 1868 by
Wilkie Collins. What was its title?

8. Detective Albert Campion was created by which writer?

9. Which author of detective fiction also wrote romantic novels
under the name of Mary Westmacott?

10. Adam Dalgleish was created by which writer?

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