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white hot agony by the cupful

so this morning, i go to get out of bed, and my right knee, the bad one (okay, worse one, i'll be honest), decides that it isin't going to bend. i haven't had this happen in years, and the last time was because a bone chip got lodged in that lovely bendy part of the knee where there is supposed to be a whole lot of cartilage (to prevent such things from happening). the articular carteliage just below the patella in my right knee is mostly gone, and something has seen fit to get in there and set up camp.

i tried some heat, indirect motion, inversion, and, ultimately, some direct motion, but very gently, and very lightly. surprisingly, after working my knee a little while, i was able to get some range of motion back. went and took a shower, and the knee is still losening up. i begin to think maybe this was some sort of psychosomatic flashback or something.

i take a step out of the shower, and it feels like someone shoved a red-hot knitting needle through the gap between my patella and MCL, and is playing chopsticks on the surface of my tibia. this defintiely feels like a bone chip, and i think all i did with all my wigglign and coaxing was work it into my inner knee instead of having it wedged in the outer part, where it was preventing motion, but not doing much else. previous knee problems have shown me just how many goddamn nerves there are in knees. there should be less.

so, a bit of ice, a few ibuprofen and a gimpy cab ride later, and i'm sitting at work, late, wishing i had new knees. no mri for me until next week, unless i go with an out of plan lab. i can get partial reimbursement, but damn if i want to put up with this for a week.

at least i have an elevator.

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