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divorces queez

i figured turnabout is fair play
Poll #679237 breaking up is hard to do

Which rock singer was divorced from Jerry Hall in 1999?

Which king of England famously had six wives, two of whom he divorced?

Which American film star divorced Arthur Miller just before her last film opened?

Which singer-songwriter divorced James Taylor in 1982?

Which Belgian-born American actress divorced Mel Ferrer in 1968?

Which American country singer, who had a hit with the song "D-I-V-O-R-C-E", got divorced from George Jones in 1975?

Which American singer and actress was divorced from Vincente Minnelli five years after the birth of their daughter Liza?

What was the first name of the woman who divorced Napoleon in 1809 so that he could marry the Austrian archduchess Marie Louise?

Which American writer was divorced from the critic Edmund Wilson after the birth of her son Revel?

What was the name of Salome's mother, the divorced wife of Herod Antipas's half-brother Herod Philip?


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